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“Heldenabend” with Opera on Tap Leipzig

It was the night of the 27th Feb 2019 when Wootodo team decided to take part in the performance of the “Opera on Tap Leipzig”. Wait, who? Opera on Tap Leipzig is a non-profit organization. The group consists of international opera singers, who come together every month to do what they love – perform arias from the operas for people who maybe never heard opera before.

So the key secret of OOT is to perform at places nobody would expect to hear opera at such as Beyerhaus – a local bar in Leipzig.

“Our aim is to make opera as part of people everyday lives, that those who never had a chance to appreciate it, could finally experience it in a different, more acceptable environment, and maybe get in love with it.”,- Opera On Tap Leipzig

Opera First Timers

Anja & JustinaA perfect example of this would be our Wootodo team – we could never call ourselves opera lovers, but once we heard OOT performance for the first time, we knew they are special. We knew we must collaborate and present them to the world (well, at least Leipzig).

So last night we went to see them for a second time. At first, we were simply enjoying the rustic atmosphere of Beyerhaus, we took some beers, potato wedges and just “contributed” to the noisy background with our chit chats.  

Finally, to our greatest excitement, the whole Beyerhaus space was filled with something unusual and new. The elegantly dressed opera singers started off the evening with a short introduction in both German & English and then jumped right into the charming opera performances.

Heldenabaned (Heroes Night)

The night’s slogan was “Heldenabend”, so the arias reminded Hamlet or the romantic Romeo and Juliet. The performances of solo, duet, and even terzets were sung in different languages, from what we could recognize it was mostly German, French and English. 

We were sitting there, drinking beer and just couldn’t pull our eyes away - the whole evening was totally mind-blowing. To see the performers driven by such strong feelings and being so distant from the noisy pub environment, really made this experience unique. 

More about Opera On Tap 

If you missed this refreshing evening, there is good news for you! Opera on Tap is performing every month at Schaubühne Lindenfels and Beyerhaus for FREE! Just check out OOT Facebook page or Wootodo event group to see when the next performances are taking place.

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