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Free Walking Tour Leipzig: Wootodo Review

We heard so many good reviews about this Free Walking Tour Leipzig that we thought it is time for us to experience it!

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Classical Free Walking Tour Leipzig

Anja and I chose the classical English free walking tour happening on Wednesdays, 11 am. Already from the far away we noticed Matej Eber, the creator of these tours, standing with a large green umbrella, so everyone can easily spot him. 

From the very beginning, we knew that the weather is not going to be too kind to us, the clouds seemed about to burst any minute. Despite of that, Matej, the tour guide, super enthusiastically was telling us about the history of Leipzig and some interesting facts about the place we were standing at. Then I realized that even after spending one year in Leipzig, I knew so little about it! 

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We went in to explore this beautiful but yet very unusual glass university building. Some exhibited pieces made so much more sense with Matej's presentation and vivid stories. The recently rebuilt church with the glass columns seemed really impressive and almost futuristic. Tour web 19

The whole tour was filled with these small details, which usually would stay unnoticed. We got to know why Gewandhaus is called Gewandhaus, or why the whole city is covered in these shiny metal stripes, or why there is a tiny snail on the handle of the new city hall (Neues Rathaus) gate. The guide really kept us intrigued and attentive even with the storm wind through the whole tour. 

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We got to know about a few different famous people who lived or studied in Leipzig. Also,  we visited a few different churches...

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The last highlight of the tour was this interesting vibrating water bowl (called Water Spring Bowl). Matej showed us how to use it and it was pretty funny to watch everyone trying! The sound reminded a didgeridoo a bit.

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That's how easily passed these 2.5 hours. People seemed very happy with the tour and left some donations for the guide. Anja and I were feeling a bit frozen since the storm wind was blowing nonstop, but at the same time, we were happy to learn so much about Leipzig and see it in a "different light". Matej and his tour were really impressive, you could feel the passion breaking through all the time, and he always had our attention. Wootodo team highly recommends it!

The classical tour is also available in German and Spanish, you can check out their timetable here.
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