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About Wootodo - Events in Leipzig

Wootodo is a community-based space, where blogs, photos, videos from the past or yet coming events can be found. A perfect way to find out more about the future festival, exhibition or other happenings in the city. It is also a place for people to come back after the event is over, to share their experiences from their own perspectives. A hashtag  #wootodo is connecting all the event experiences into one great picture.

Wootodo Events App

Wootodo app is a free app to discover & create unique events in your city. Whether it's a yoga workshop, free art class, sport meetup or a live music gig, Wootodo makes finding or making your perfect event incredibly simple. With the real-time countdown markers, you will see the events nearby presented on the map, you'll never be stuck for things to do and see.
Can’t find the event you are looking for? Make your own! With the Wootodo template you can easily create public events and within a few clicks, your event will go live!
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