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Jazz Days: October 10-19

The international Leipziger Jazztage is one of the oldest and most well-known jazz festivals in Germany.

It runs 10 days with roughly 100 artists from all over the world and is hosted by the Jazzclub Leipzig. The festival focuses on international established names and pioneers of jazz as well as innovative and brave newcomers – and presents them in venues such as the venerable theatre and opera house, the historic „Kongreßhalle am Zoo“ and churches as well as independent clubs and the oldest movie theatre in Leipzig.

The aim of the Leipziger Jazztage is to present all kinds of contemporary jazz in a special thematic context with current themes ranging from »Between Mahler and Miles« and »Sound of Heimat« to »Cinematic Jazz« and »Fine Arts«. With self-initiated projects and commissioned works the festival captures the zeitgeist of jazz, while also maintaining a close relationship with the polish jazz scene which distinguishes the Leipziger Jazztage from other festivals. Furthermore the traditional »Jazz for Kids« offers a highlight for the whole family in the great opera hall.

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