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Leipzig International Photographers

The story of Leipzig International Photographers is very simple. Two international photographers Justina Smile and Aga Bauza combined their passion into this one idea: meeting up and having a first photo walk.

After a nice and refreshing walk, they both thought, why not to gather more people like them, people who are interested in photography, no matter how advanced they are, it would be just awesome to spend time together. Leipzig International Photographers 

So far I have organised a few different photo events, such as photography basics tutorial, photo editing workshop, urban exploration, and a few photo walks. People seem to enjoy these meetups, as it’s a great chance to exchange tips & tricks about photography, and there is always something new you get to know each time.


I think there is a lot of potential for us to grow much bigger, as there already are a few “regulars” who attend all the events, and the number is only increasing.

So if you are willing to join us, just simply show up at our future events! Everybody is welcome

Best wishes, Leipzig International Photographers

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