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Tapas Yoga Leipzig

About Mantas from the Tapas Yoga Leipzig

"I have always had the feeling that I miss something. In my spare time, I have been constantly busy with the topics that interested me as a child, until at some point I came across yoga.",- Mantas Bieliauskas, the Tapas Yoga teacher.

"After a lot of research and practice, I realized that yoga was exactly what I was missing in my life. It not only cured my back problems but also helped me to discover the inner relaxation and new life philosophy. For this reason, I decided to share this knowledge with others, I started teaching - the Tapas Yoga Leipzig was born."

Some Event Highlights

With Tapas Yoga you can expect not only the classical yoga sessions but also some educational seminars, partner yoga, outdoor activities or sometimes even Yoga & Ballet dance workshops. In the future maybe even the get-away yoga retreats!

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