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Lost In Leipzig

Leipziger blog with the best tips on Nightlife, Eating Out, and hidden gems in the area – a good place to start your research if you are thinking of moving to Leipzig. 

Every international tourist or a "new Leipziger" would benefit from this very informative insider's blog.

In the "Area guide" section you can find out about each area of Leipzig, and decide whether it's good for living with your family, or maybe when being a student or other reasons. Dave, the owner of this site, describes everything in detail, so most of your questions will be answered.

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What we found very cool was that Lost in Leipzig gathered all the info on the best spots to visit in Leipzig, and not only the "touristy" ones. You will get to know about all the parks in Leipzig or the different lakes to spend your summer days.

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If you are not sure where you want to go to eat, take a look at the review section of Lost In Leipzig, I am sure you will find some great options ;)

This blog not only helps you to explore Leipzig city and its surroundings but also, helps you to integrate into the city faster. The practical section: "How To" provides info such as "How to get a bicycle" or how to live cheaply in Leipzig or much more!

And that's just a small bit of this blog!  

Take a look at it when you want to explore the area or want to figure out some daily life queries - highly recommended!

Website >>> https://lostinleipzig.com/
Facebook >>> https://www.facebook.com/LostInLeipzig/