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The Story of Wootodo Birds

The Beginning

The very first sign of the Wootodo birds was found in the ancient cave drawings in 1787.

 The cave was based in the highest peaks of the Alps and was discovered by the alpinist Jakob Messner who reached the peak of Mont Blanc for the first time. It was evident, that the drawing dated back to 10,000 BC.

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The First Sight of the Wootodo Birds

For the first time, the real Wootodo bird was spotted in the highest German mountain – Zugspitze. The Wootodo was said to be a mix of a racoon and an owl and was described as being around 0,5 m tall and weighing about 6 kg.

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The first photo of a Wootodo Bird

With the beginning of the photo cameras, the first Wootodo bird pictures came out. It was identified by its distinct appearance: burgundy coloured fur-feather body, white belly, black & white racoon type fluffy tail, owl peek and cute tiny wings.

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The Unique Features of Wootodo

The most intriguing feature of the Wootodo birds was their ability to build their nests in the most magnificent places. The explanation of this was, that as it is half racoon, they are very curious and want to explore places, and the owl half make them see what others do not see. There is even a legend saying, that if you are lucky enough to find a nest of a Wootodo bird, you become gifted with the unbelievable intuition and highest sense for uniqueness.

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Wootodo Birds in Danger

Sadly, these special abilities attracted the attention of more and more hunters, and the numbers of Wootodos started dropping rapidly. The major reduction took part during the Golden age of Alpinism, in 1854-1865, when hundreds of hikers started exploring the mountains, and most of the nests were destroyed.

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The Unofficial Extinction

Although the extinction of the Wootodo has not yet been announced officially, none have been spotted since the 1890s. The last sighting of this animal was in one of the Alpen villages, in 1887. It is thought, that they migrated down the valley to protect their nests from the hikers.

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Wootodo spotted in Leipzig!

To our great surprise, one Wootodo bird was spotted in Germany, the city of Leipzig during the summer of 2018. It is not clear are there more Wootodos out there, but this particular bird is truly spectacular! In fact, because he (we tend to think it’s a male), is now no longer in the mountains, his ability to find the unseen beauty transformed into the special intuition for unique events. It looks like he immersed in the city lifestyle and applied his skills for the social world. Another kind of beauty. The beauty of special.

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Wootodo the Woo!

So it happened that this super rare Wootodo bird landed in Leipzig, and to our big surprise, he heard about us trying to build a more cosy and unique event community and so decided to become friends with us and help. Wootodo birds as we mentioned above are super curious and insightful for the uniqueness and good vibes, thus we thought it is perfect to call this community Wootodo! Oh, and as his first word was "Woo" we thought of a perfect name - we present you, Wootodo the Woo! <3

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Best wishes,

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