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Photo Stories with Leipzig International Photographers

As every Leipzig International Photographers meetup, only a few people showed up exactly on time. Everyone else was fashionably late 15 or even 30 minutes.

Photographers you see they are artists; time is not existent for them. When the usual number of 11 participants took comfy Basislager seats and opened their cold beers, the Photo Stories evening finally began.

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Shortly about the event itself

People were told to pick their 10 best images with stories behind and then present it to their fellow photographers. Also, whoever wanted, could bring some photographs they were not sure about, and ask for advice & tips on how they could be improved.

Event Time!

The event went really great. Most of the time you could hear people laughing or discussing the photography-geek topics, like which camera lens or setting was used, what composition would work better etc.

Web 4The photographers who took part in this meetup varied from total beginners to full-time professionals, so getting feedback for some was pretty exciting and interesting to hear.

The majority of pictures presented were photo reportage and landscapes and usually they had some pretty intense stories behind, almost felt like watching an adventure movie sometimes. A few presented their photo projects and asked for some opinions, usually receiving positive emotions and questions. 

I have a feeling the meeting would have gone on, but the clock hit 10 pm and we decided it is time to show our families or friends we are alive and well, and just go home.

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More About Leipzig International Photographers

There will be many more events in the future, and if you think this sort of evening is something that you have been looking for, take a look at Leipzig International Photographers page or Facebook Group for the coming up events.

Also, check out Instagram @leipzigphotographers for some cool images  ;)

Would you like the Wootodo team to write about your event too? Contact us via Facebook or Contact form and let's meetup! ;)

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